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You Are Invited to Join Olight Summer Sale!

July 8, 2022

Have you geared yourself up for a passionate summer, going for fun in the wild with your friends or family? Together with Olight, you are sure to have a fabulous summer experience. Olight’s Summer Sale is a precious shopping festival you guys can’t miss. Discover and choose what you like or get yourself what you have long desired. Here below is a roundup of new products that are being released.

The Obulb Series has always taken the spotlight because of its gorgeous yet simple design and its versatility. This time we are introducing an all-new addition - the Obulb Pro multi-color light, the first Olight device that supports our new Olight app, marking Olight’s foray into smart lighting technology. Compared with the Obulb MC, the Obulb Pro is brighter, bigger and has a longer runtime. Mode, brightness level, as well as changing color, and monitoring the remaining power/runtime can all be done by the APP via Bluetooth. It also boasts 1.5-meter impact resistance and IPX7 waterproof rating. The Obulb Pro is truly tougher and more reliable than it looks.


The Olantern Series is full of the perfect illumination tools for going out for a summer journey. What new changes will the Olantern Classic 2 Pro bring? The Olantern Classic 2 Pro, a user-friendly rechargeable camping lantern, having newly added USB-A and USB-C outputs as an emergency power bank. Featuring a max runtime of 7.5 days once fully charged (fully charges in 4 hours via the 18w USB-C fast charging port), it is a wonderful addition to keep you company and shine through your happiest hours. Moreover, the rotary switch with O-logo not only provides you effortless operation to turn it on/off, but also enables stepless dimming from 10-300 lumens to match your lighting needs. Finally, if you prefer a version powered by replaceable AA batteries, you have another choice - the Olantern Classic 2 Lite, the sibling to the Olantern Classic 2 Pro. Both of them give you a nice retro vibe.


Many other new products are worthy of your attention as well. We are also introducing the all new imini - smaller than a wireless earphone and weighing only 0.4oz! Just pop it off the magnetic cap and instantly activate the light. What’s more, we are releasing special editions such as a new Baton 3, i3T in stainless steel, Warrior 3S tactical flashlight in titanium and copper editions representing fire/air/water/earth/and the fifth element, Open pro penlight made from Zirconium Damascus in dark space silver, and i1R2 Pro EDC gear in lake blue. Also Find yourself practical tools including the new Opry Pro - a multi-use pry bar in TC4 titanium alloy. To your delight, Olight is now offering an exclusive product to express our sincere gratitude for their ever-lasting support - i3T plus in Titanium Damascus for VIP customers.


Jump on the bandwagon quickly and join our ranks at olightstore. All surprises are just a click away. Let’s have a happy summer sale together.

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