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Olight Brand Promise

April 15, 2022

For years, Olight has spared no effort in creating high-quality and reliable illumination tools, which enable us to have the best partners and fans worldwide. While creating classic and popular products with technology breakthroughs, we also have lessons to learn. "Tardy logistics, excessive color alternation, the lack of innovation..." these are the voices driving our deep self-reflection. To Olight, A flashlight is not only an illumination tool but a responsibility to protect, bridge friendships, and provide a silent companion. Therefore, we have decided to change and make the following commitments for our 15th anniversary:


We commit that Olight will practice "continual technology & product innovation" and provide an "excellent customer experience" from every aspect under the guideline principles of "customer-orientation".


We believe that this 15-year mark is a fresh start and a greater challenge. We're on the move with some incredible measures and actions to fulfill our promise. The changes and achievements may not look obvious right now, but we believe that you will see them soon!


Hereby, we sincerely invite and welcome everyone to witness and oversee our transition to these new and updated policies. We more than welcome any suggestions, comments, criticism, or ideas that may help Olight to do better in the future. With that said, feel free to always contact us at cs mailbox. Our dedicated team will follow up with all feedback, whether it's trivial or crucial.


We firmly believe that during our journey to illuminate the world, there is a better way and brighter place out there with your involvement.


Please read more about Brand Promise from the links on your local online store site.

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