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Warrior Mini 3

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Warrior Mini 3
Warrior Mini 3


The Warrior Mini 3 is an upgraded version of the classic Warrior Mini 2. It's a compact, high-lumen, rechargeable EDC flashlight that features a metal side switch for daily use and a tail switch for tactical operation. The three-level battery indicator shows the battery level and when to charge. Its brand new proximity sensor makes the light pocket-safe, but also allows users to get full power up close when they need it. Compatible with Olight's classic magnetic charging cable, it's extremely fast and easy to recharge. Compact but mighty, the Warrior Mini 3 is suitable for outdoor lighting, hiking, camping, and is a perfect choice for all your illumination needs.



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    Warrior Mini 3

    Warrior Mini 3

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  • Price $89.99
    Powerful Output in a Small Size: Max output:
    1,750 lm; Max throw: 240 m; Length: 111 mm
    Pre-activated Proximity Sensor:
    If the light is accidentally switched to high mode when obstructed at close range, the pre-activated proximity sensor will lower the output. However, if the light approaches objects (such as raindrops and window glass) with high mode in use, the sensor will not hinder the intended output.
    Nano Molding Technology:
    Nano molding technology makes metal dust cleaning on the tail switch a breeze.
    Bigger and Tougher Side Switch:
    Enlarged and wear-resistant metal side switch offers more convenient operation and sense of touch.
    100-day Runtime in Moonlight Mode:
    Boasting a 100-day run time in moonlight mode, it is your trustworthy companion.
    1750 lumens
    Customized 3500mAh 3.6V 18650 Rechargeable Battery
    100 Days
    MODE 1
    1,750 ~ 500 ~ 200 lumens
    2+210+30 minutes
    240 meters
    MODE 2
    500 ~ 200 lumens
    215+30 minutes
    125 meters
    MODE 3
    120 lumens
    18 hours
    60 meters
    MODE 4
    15 lumens
    165 hours
    20 meters
    MODE 5
    0.5 lumens
    100 days
    High Performance LED(5700-6700k)
    Length: 4.37in/111mm Head Diameter: 0.91in/23mm Body Diameter: 0.91in/23mm
    4.3oz/122g (Including Battery, Pocket Clip)
    Aluminum Alloy
    Customized 3500mAh 3.6V 18650 Rechargeable Battery
    Olight’s 5-Year Warranty Visit:

    Question 1: Compared with the Warrior Mini, what are the upgrades of the second generation?

    Answer 1: The Warrior Mini 2 has an increased Maximum Output of 1,750 lumens, up from  the original 1,500, it also adds 30 more meters of throw (220 vs 190), all while remaining pocketable. The updated model has added a proximity sensor inside the lens that will reduce the brightness from the Turbo setting when it senses an obstruction to provide a sense of safety and dependability. Furthermore, an anti-short circuit has been added to the tail switch to prevent unintentional activation. The Warrior Mini 2 clip can also be attached at the head or the tail of the light to enhance ease of carry. Finally, a glass lens was added to protect the optic. 

    Question 2:Are the Warrior Mini 2's battery tube and tail switch, pocket clip or silicone shields compatible with the Warrior Mini?

    Answer 2:The tail switch of Warrior Mini 2 adds short-circuit protection to prevent unintentional activation. Since the circuit is changed, the tail switch and battery tube are not compatible/recommended with Warrior Mini. While the silicone shields/diffusers are compatible, the pockets are not. 

    Question 3:Can I connect the remote pressure switch to use Warrior mini 2?

    Answer 3:. Sorry, there is currently not a compatible remote pressure switch that can be used with Warrior Mini 2 since the tail switch circuit has changed.

    Question 4:The product automatically reduces the lumens when in use, and the button cannot switch modes. Is this normal?

    Answer 4: Please note that Warrior Mini 2 has a light-sensing proximity sensor as an added safety feature. When an obstacle is present that reflects enough light past a predetermined threshold, the brightness is automatically reduced. At this time, the side button will no longer switch between modes until the obstacle is removed.

    Question 5:How long does it take to fully charge the Warrior Mini 2?

    Answer 5: Using the MCC3 magnetic charging cable included in the package and a sufficient power adapter (maximum charging current 1.5A or higher and a voltage is 4.2V) it can take up to 3.5 hours to fully charge the Warrior Mini 2.

    Question 6:How long is the product warranty period?

    Answer 6: Warrior Mini 2 is covered by our Five-Year Warranty, while the battery is covered by a One-Year Warranty. 

    If there is any manufacturing defect noticed within 30 days, please return to the point of purchase. If noticed after the 30 day period, please reach out to customer service for assistance at 

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